1/31 added resources to the main page

2/1 added resources to main page

2/3 contribution log and case study made

2/3 annotated bib. made 3 large sources

2/6 added histoy to the wiki page.

2/7 Added evolution to Wiki Page

2/10 Added addtional thoughts on History and Evolution

2/12 Revise the wiki with group

2/12 added to annotated bib

2/23 added to my case study and illustrated what I am doing

2/23 compared our wiki to the "cultural studies" wiki, and found that we lacked hyperlinks within our wiki. Added several hyperlinks within the wiki.

2/28 edited my section of the wiki

3/3 read the six articles and wrote some specific points within my case study

3/8 Have given my outline and fundamental sturcture for my case study with a additional draft

3/15 Proof read and accomplished task of hyperlink and structure of wiki