Shelby's Log

1/31/11 Post 20 new sources

2/2/11 Posted three annotations to three sources

2/7/11 Posted three annotations to three sources... it took me 45mins to get the wiki page to actually save my pasted in paragraphs and I had to do each separately at least twice for it to work. Very frustrating and wasted a lot of time I could have been putting in to my other work.

2/7/11 As a group we all agreed to try and add a few sentences to each subsection of our paradigm wiki so we at least have a full draft with each of us contributing to each part. I added 1 paragraph to general over view, 1 paragraph to origins and basic concepts, 2 sentences to history and evolution (this is my weaker section of knowledge, need to do more research for final draft), 1 paragraph to controversies, and two major figures (here too I'm still piecing together a history with people). I tried to include at least 1-2 sources per my contributions. More to come by Thursday after group meeting.

2/7/11 Started listing ideas and approaches for Case Study.

2/8/11 Group embedded Table of Contents Widget

2/8/11 Added youtube video and two pictures. Added a new topic to elaborate upon under history and evolution about athletic identity historically evolving through time and within an individuals lifetime. 3 Sources added.

2/9/11 Finished annotations for my last 16 sources. I also added a few sources. Added another paragraph to history and evolution. Added another definition to the Overview.

2/15/11 Added link in table of contents for suggested sites

2/16/11 Created outline for case study. Inserted picture of Josh Rigo a friend who is a professional aerialist. Embedded a table of contents but had to pick the flat one bc the link one kept including my sources as links... very frustrating. Made a few notes to my self. Emailed Josh about setting up a video interview. Put a general topical intro. Added 5 annotated sources.

2/17/11 Peer reviewed Body Image.

2/21/11 Finalized Origins and Theories Section and posted 4 sites on suggested sites.

2/22/11 Restructured text of full wiki with Chantal. Made sure all paragraphs separated by space.

2/22/11 Added a subsection to case study and then added note that I am focusing on a community and need to approach as such and find a model article.

2/23/11 Added 3 more sources to case study. Decided on a physiological comparison model article and a more social psychological broader book for a model too. I am focusing on physical and psychological comparisons to make my case.

2/24/11 Restructured Annotated Bibliography for consistency. Tried to go through and eliminate spelling error and re organize Key terms, I want to put them in three columns but I don't know how. Played with font color of title for emphasis and separate the title from the headers.

3/7/11 Created Full Case Study Draft/Organized Draft. Still need some elaboration on specific examples but have some main theories in place where I want them just need to clarify and better transition between and among subsections. Some media elements are being waited on. Main thing is basic editing but got most of my ideas out and main points, will elaborate upon through editing process.

3/14/11-3/15/11 Restructured and fixed content about Foucault in Origins section. Last Paragraph was accidentally put in origins but was suppose to be in history so moved it. Hyper-linking key terms and other relevant words or phrases to Wikipedia or other sites because those were my tasks to accomplish before meeting.
?-Do I need to add the hyper links to bibliography?

3/18/11 Me and Chantal were the only two group members in class so we decided to put our new headings in and try and restructure the text a little with notes for each person working on that section so they can be reminded of what needs to be tackled in their section. We also put page breaks for organization and moved the key terms.

-Spring Break-
3/22/11 Reworked the overview and tried to condense it into one paragraph and stick to terms and introduction of wiki. Also tried to hyper link as much as I could. ?: I know I don't need to cite the hyperlinks but what if the hyperlink is the source for the whole sentence not just the one or two words hyper-linked?

3/26/11-3/27/11 Worked on Theories section trying to expand on the theoretical components and really drive them back to their basic applications to the athletic identity.

3/28/11 Added more hyper links.

3/30/11 Added Elisa's section because she is having issues logging onto the wiki. Will finalize tomorrow.

3/31/11 Worked on editing interview for case study.

4/5/11 Met with prof about reorganizng wiki.

4/14/11 Started reorganizing case study on a word doc.

4/11/11 Embedded interview video through you tube. Formed a Draft with reorganized section.

4/12/11 added more content to draft. More research added. Need to elaborate on athletic and conclusion sections. Work on summarize and transition for case study.