Contribution Log and Reflection
Every time you make a revision to your wikipages, you should make a record of it in your personal contribution log. Your entry should reflect the magnitude of your contribution. For instance:
2/4 revised sentences for clarity and edited text
2/6 updated annotated bibliography on paradigm wiki by adding 4 new entries. Also, created page for case study and added notes on what I wanted the page to look like, what I know about the case study so far, what I research I still need to do.
2/7 linked organization websites and a video to case study wiki
2/12 drafted case study
2/14 drafted a couple of paragraphs on paradigm "origins" in paradigm wiki. Added 4 texts to annotated bibliography. Linked key figures to Wikipedia sites about them.
2/15 revised case study draft. Added paragraphs on xxx.
2/19 linked my case study to our paradigm page. revised case study.

Peer Rubric
Link coming soon. You will use this grading tool to access your group members on their contributions to your paradigm wiki. Group members will NOT see these assessments. You will turn them in directly to me.