Paradigm Wikipage

Your title should be crafted to capture the scope and nature of your chosen paradigm. Examples we've used so far include "The Athletic Self," "The Sociology of Dance," "Body as Canvas."

General Overview
This section introduces us to the scholarly approaches and discourse communities theorizing embodiment within your chosen paradigm. Define your paradigm--what is the scope of your paradigm? Introduce the primary assumptions that underscore the paradigm? Introduce discourse communities that engage one another within the paradigm.

Origins and Basic Concepts
History and Evolution
Major Figures and Texts
These sections allow you to expand your summation of the paradigm's purpose, tools, and participants.
They also allow you to:
*explicate when, where, why, and under what circumstances the paradigm emerged and when, where, why, under what circumstances, and in what ways it has evolved over time.
*identify major figures in the paradigm and their contributions
*explore disagreements that characterize the paradigm
*go into detail about the agendas and interests of those who theorize the body in this way
*unpack the sorts of analytical tools or approaches paradigmatic contributors employ to analyze embodiment in this way?

You may use these subcategories as you see fit or adopt different headings as needed. These categories comprise the "body" of your page and the information you offer and organize there should be comprehensive, but precise.

(Annotated) Bibliography
You may create your bibliography in a couple of ways. You may provide brief summaries (1-2 sentences) for major texts and lists of topic specific works. Or you might write longer summaries (a paragraph) for major works and then just list major, most current, both topic specific works.

Key Words
You should provide a list of keywords, perhaps ones that link to other wikipages, that are associated with your paradigm. You may drop this list into your page after the title, general overview, or at the end of each "topic specific" bibliography, or a combination of these. Play around with this.