2/1 - Created 'log' and Case study pages.
2/2 - Created annotated bibliographical entries for 3 different sources
-- continued search for interensting, relevant articles, turning up very little that was new.

2/7 -- Created controversies entry for the main wiki page. Was great! Plenty more that could be said too!

2/8-- Added more to the "controversies" section assigned to me. Some might have to be edited for clarity!

2/14 -- Formatting and quick proof reading.

2/17 -- Proof reading!

2/20-- Made alterations based on the peer review form completed in class. Mostly proff reading for flow, repetition etc etc.

2/24 -- compared to the 'cultural studies' paradigm page and made a few minor changes to the introduction of the wiki.
2/24-- edited some of the content on history-- and added a link to a fox news article (yuck) about the valuation of a human life-- now valued at $6.9 million, down one million from previous years.