2/1/11- added bibliography onto page. (46 sources).
2/8/11- added 3 new sources to bibliography
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2/8/11- began to put together our draft for the wiki page.
2/10/11- added parts to the overview and history
2/10/11- added onto tattooing and culture, tattooing and identity, tattooing for aesthetic reason and types of tattoos
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2/15/11- added a health issue section, added lots of information fo significance to tattoo removals, health issues, tattooing and community
2/15/11- added key terms and figures
2/15/11- added more detail to all of the sections
2/17/11- changed the direction of my case study from prision tattoos to the culture of gang tattoos in and ouside of the penitentiary
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2/24 turned notes of prison and gang culture and religion and tattoos into paragraph format
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