2/1 -- Created contribution log. Added draft bibliographies to paradigm wiki.

2/6 -- added Case Study page.

2/7 -- embedded "a girl like me" youtube video for the cultural differences section of Wiki. Added key people and common terms to research [Susan Bordo, Susie Orbach, Arnold Anderson, Fat Is A Feminist Issue, Jon Robison]. Added articles and videos to bibliography. Edited biblographies to be more comprehensive. Added 2 annotated bibliographies to paradigm wiki.

2/10 -- outlined and cited "Controversies" section on paradigm wiki
2/13 -- added to "controversies" section on paradigm
2/14-- editted controversies section on paradigm
2/15-- continued to edit controversies section. Added and embedded links to Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in the United States study., Cause-Specific Excess Deaths Associated with Underweight, Overweight and Obesity study from the Journal of American Medical Associtation. Added and embedded link to ABC Nightline news debate " "Is it Okay to Be Fat?". Added University of California Davis study. Annotated bibliographies most relevant to "Controversies" section of wiki. Added Table of Contents to Wiki.
2/20 -- added footnotes to "controversies" section of wiki. Editted Key Terms and People. Reformatted paradigm wiki by moving key terms and people to top of page. condensed references at bottom of page.
2/21 -- added relevant pictures to controversies section.
week of 3/14 --group meeting with professor about edits to paradigm wiki
3/29-- removed controversies section of wiki, replaced with "Movements to Reclaim Body Image". Added appropriate pictures. Added "Evolution" video from dove campaign.
3/30 -- group meeting about final edits to paradigm. eddited movements to reclaim body image to include health at every size.