1/31/11- 21 sources and key terms added
2/1/11- created my log and case study pages
2/3/11- added 2 annotated sources that are most useful for group
2/7/11- added/deleted terms, people; changed sources; researched topics on the history of mental/ cognitive disabilities in the United States
2/9/11- posted 3 paragraphs on the history of mental and cognitive disabilities in the US
2/9/11- need to look at group revisions for paradigm wiki page; further revise sources and annotations
2/10/11- added videos to paradigm wiki page
2/14/11- edited and fixed the table of contents on the paradigm page; tried repeatedly to properly place and fix video settings through embedded files but failed.
2/14/11- added and edited "research sources" and "video" on table of contents
2/17/11- worked on case study; edited paradigm; found new sources for case study
2/22/11- edited wiki paradigm; deleted the videos; put articles in order; got rid of the bullet points; put links on key words; added picture; added more key terms; annotated my sources; fixed font style
2/24/11- worked on case study and did some comments on Wiki Paradigm based on the "Cultural Studies" wikipedia page
....... haven't been keeping track but have done work on both case study and paradigm
3/31/11- fixed all noticeable grammatical errors; added more to history section; added more sources; still needs more work from myself and others (meeting Friday)