1/31 Added 20 sources and key words
2/3 Research continued for paradigm
2/4 Annotated important Bibliographies
2/7 Met with group to go over research/sources
2/8 Looked over other wiki pages
2/12 Contributed research/ideas to the page, conducted more research (on chicken pills in Jamaica women use to get a "coke bottle" shape to their body, the film "Good Hair", foot binding practices in China, and skin bleaching in countries with darker skin who want to achieve a lighter, more "American" look to their skin)
2/14 Piecing together my paragraphs, doing more research.
2/16 Researched my topics more, found articles and sites on chicken pills, "Good Hair", and dieting culture.
2/20 Touched up my paragraphs for the paradigm page and added pictures
2/22 added more pictures