Chantal's Log

1/31 - Posted key words and 20 sources

2/3 - Added 3-5 sentence summaries to a few sources.

2/7 - Started adding paragraphs to first draft of paradigm pages. (I need to look up more specific dates)

2/8 - Added photo and more paragraphs to Controversies section.

2/10 - Wrote another paragraph for the Origin and Basic Concept subject.(I want to expand more on gender, race, and age and how this relates to identity and specifically the athletic identity. Added some more annotations.

2/15 -Added 15 more annotations.

2/17 -Created an outline for my case study

2/22 -Edited the General Overview. Spaced all paragraphs evenly throughout entire page. Re-wrote some paragraphs in Controversies section. Attempted to make all font even size.

2/24 -Linked 8 sources to my case study for the Model Article and resources that are from the dance community. I also included about 4 major quotes I want to use. I figured out what I am missing and "where I am" in the process of researching.

3/15 -Edited Overview paragraph. Shelby and I reorganized the bibliography, deleted references that were not being used or annotated, re-numbered, and spaced evenly.

3/28 -Corrected some spelling and grammer mistakes. Re-wrote the Lifestyles section and made it flow from the section above.

3/29 -Added a few paragraphs to Gender and reorganized it. Corrected some formatting mistakes.