Feb 3-annotated a few sources in paradigm page
Feb 6- Reformatted Resources(alphabetize and sum), reformat key words section.
Feb 8- Added tiny bits
Feb 9-contributions for background, bibliography, controversies.
Feb 15- made addition to general information
Feb 17- Lay outline for case study
feb 20-addition to controversies, restructuring of section.
Feb 22- did some minor detail work
Feb 28- some research for case study
Mar 4- Looked up video for case study
Mar 11- Read through paradigm, proofread, into word document
Mar 16- brainstorm
Mar 23- writing new history
Mar 28- competition and tradition, also evolution through history
Mar 30-finalize hyperlinks for paradigm
Mar 31-paradigm wiki assessment. research case study. template
Apr 5- Small addition to case study
April 7- rearranging of theory.
April 10-redoing whole thing
April 12-bethany hamilton addition